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标题  宿舍管理系统
编号  16065
编程语言  Delphi
开发环境  Delphi 7.0及以上版本
资料明细  毕业论文 + 源代码(程序) + 开题报告 + 答辩稿
推荐指数  ★★★★★

摘 要
本文是严格按照软件工程的原理、对学生公寓管理系统的系统需求,系统分析,系统设计,数据库设计以及系统测试作了详细的阐述,同时在此论文中读者还可以对开发工具Delphi的一些知识有所了解 ,并且可以看到在Delphi环境下学生公寓管理系统的系统具体实现的设计界面。本文还对系统的功能模块作了系统的介绍,以便让用户能够较轻松地了解并使用本系统

关键词: 界面 、 控件 、 窗体

Along with the rapid development of computer science, computer application domain constantly enlarges, and many capabilities are good, and the merit can completely, and it is wide to apply the face, and the strong application software of compatibility is correspondingly introduced, and the visible computer has got extensive application, almost various walks of life all concerned uses in the computer, and this makes that the computer has become the thing that universally exists in the society.
The use owing to the computer making that people depend on that each domain service data aspects such as managements, application and service etc become more succinctly, and makes things convenient for more further, and raised work efficiency greatly, and has given rise to with the computer giving first place to the aspect, with the artificial supplementary aspect.
In the business management, the aspects such as office automation etc have got and have universally applied.
Suffer the extensive welcome of user
Student's flat management system that I design at this be for convenience flat management the management at the aspect of the data of personnel, combination the giving up affair management of each school now, for the ability and accurately completely and effectively manage the various information of student's flat and development and a system utility software that develops.
His major merit can be fast adaptation modernize meeting affair management standard reconciliation with heavy and tediously long workload of personnel definitely worked.
Make to be at school they the each side metropolis given birth to the flat achieves effect getting twice the result with half the effort that having lightened the burden of manpower, the convenient holding of data has increased safe nature
This text is the principle according to the software engineering rigorously enforce and to the system requirement of student's flat management system, and data base design as well as system test work detailed is expounded the system design system analysis, and the reader of the at the same time in this thesis still can run from opposite directions that some knowledge of tool Delphi understands to some extent, and can see at Delphi's environment finishing classes and leave school life flat manages the concrete design interface realized of system of system .
Still the merit to the system can the module have done the introduction of system to this text, so that letting user can more easily understand and this system of use

The keyword: Interface 、 Accuse part 、 Window aspect

目 录
摘 要 I
第1章 绪论 1
1.1 选题的背景 1
1.2 课题研究意义和目的 2
第2章 系统开发工具及开发平台 3
2.1 开发平台 3
2.1.1 Delphi 6.0简介 3
2.1.2 ADO技术简介 3
2.2 数据库平台 4
2.3 运行环境 5
2.3.1 软件运行平台 5
2.3.2 硬件运行平台 5
2.3.3 网络环境 5
第3章 系统分析 7
3.1 项目简介 7
3.2 系统的目标和要求 8
3.3 性能要求 8
3.4 系统的数据字典 9
3.5 绘制系统流程图 9
第4章 总体设计 10
4.1 系统功能和技术指标 10
4.1.1 用户权限模块 10
4.1.2 浏览与录入系统模块 11
4.1.3 查询模块 12
4.1.4 报表系统模块 13
4.1.5 帮助模块 13
4.2 系统安全设计 14
第5章 数据库设计 15
5.1 概述 15
5.2 学生公寓管理系统数据结构设计 15
第6章 系统测试 17
6.1 系统测试概述 17
6.2 系统测试实施 18
6.2.1 系统登陆部分 19
6.2.2 访问用户权限 20
6.2.3 访问浏览与录入系统 21
6.2.4 访问查询系统 24
6.2.5 访问报表系统 25
6.2.6 访问帮助系统 26
结论 28
致谢 29
参考文献 30
附录1 31
附录3 34

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